Friday, March 13, 2009

Loft Life.

 Moving here in a week! So excited! I love everything about it..from the floors, to the kitchen appliances, the view, the everything! It will be a whole new adventure in this place. Photos will be posted after the furniture is in and the settling in process begins.


Caroline said...

Hey sweetie! waaa i am so, or we are, so freaken excited for you guys :D:D a loft ? Mah ..i wanna move back . n. o . w :))

I was looking through the photos; a great space you hve to play with there. Are you guys buying new furnitres? i am so excited to see what you can come up with!! hey btw pls send me your email again. Mine is I have lots to tell you and lots to ask :P lol

Btw about the liq. yum yum yum :)) send me ur new address and i will send you some salty apes :P

Take care both of you. miss you and kiss to you both!

Caroline said...

btw I uploaded you photos on my blog and linked to your webpage :P hope that´s okey :)) ofcourse referring to you as a designer ;)