Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mercato: Little Italy's Farmers Market

Despite the rain we had this morning, we still made a venture to the Mercato in Little Italy. Pierre came along as well. White poodles and muddy rainy streets, not the best combination, but it was worth while for him. We only bought a couple of items, but they were way worth the trip. We came home with a beautiful bouquet of Gerber Daisies, and delicious french macarons from Loic Patisserie. My personal favorite was the Pistachio. A lovely sweet treat with a mid day espresso. 

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Caroline said...

Hey sweetie! We miss you too. Tons! hehe :) We mention you guys often and we can't wait to check your downtown loft and experience it with you. We have tons to catsh up. And we need to go shopping :P

How's everything? Are you still enjoying your classes?

Looks like you have been dining out alot and I read on your blog your flying somehwere.Are you visint your parents?

Take care both of from us.