Sunday, January 17, 2010

It Has Been Awhile.

It has been a couple of months. It has been crazy with the holidays, and the new year..but I am back. There are a couple more things going on, but I will share once everything is for sure. I found these photos that I had taken a little while ago, and I simply forgot about them. These two dishes were so simple, yet so incredibly delicious.

The salad is made up of Radicchio, Bell Peppers, and Fennel. I topped it with a light vinaigrette. It is so crisp and fresh, perfect for a spring or summer side dish.

The Caramelized onion tarte is made up of caramelized onions, and store bought puff pastry. Although I would love to make my own puff pastry, during the week, store bought is just so much easier. The onions have the rich flavor of french onion soup, but the delicate flaky crust gives it a lighter touch.

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